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Date: 16th June 2016
Wholesale 2wheels 6.5 Inch Tire Two Wheel Self Balance Scooter Electric Off-road Scooter Hands Free Scooter Steering Wheel
Product Specifications:Power supply: lithium battery 36V,Website:, 4.4AHCharging time: 2-3.5hourMax Cruise speed :10 km/hMax climbing angles : 15?Frame material: aluminum/alloyTire size: 6.5inchMotor power: 250W*2Packing size: 64*25*25cmHOW TO USE YOUR HOVER BOARDFor your safety it is recommended to wear protective gear such as a helmet, elbow pads,knee pads, etc, when operating the hover board.Getting on the hover board:1. ?Place the hover board on level ground in front of you.2. ?Turn the hover board on and make sure the Battery Level Light is green (indicating the unit is charged)3. ?Using your dominant foot step forward and place your foot lightly onto the hover board.4. ?Stabilize the hover board by finding the correct balance with your dominant foot.5. ?Once you have stabilized the hover board begin to shift your weight to your dominant foot and quickly bring your other foot onto the hover board.6. ?Stabilize yourself.Getting off the hover board1. ?Bring the hover board to a complete stop.2. ?Using your dominant foot, angle your toes slightly downward to prevent the hover board from moving backward.3. ?Quickly step backward with your non dominant foot and place your foot on the ground.4. ?Once you have stable footing on the ground take your dominant foot off the hover board. You should now be safely on stable ground.
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